Flemington Neshanock - Gettysburg, 2011

The Neshanock Base Ball Club of Flemington plays by 19th Century rules, uses authentic replicas of 19th Century equipment and wears 19th Century uniforms. As was the custom in the mid-19th Century, all fielders play barehanded - we do not wear gloves.

We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that looks to inform the general public on the roots of our National Pastime.  Think of us as something like Civil War re-enactors, except we use a bat and ball instead of rifles and bayonets.


The original Neshanock club was established in July 1866 and comprised mainly of the town’s prominent constituents.  The President was George F. Crater, owner of Crater’s Hotel, which was on the spot of what is now the Union Hotel.  Some other notable members were E. Vosseller (VP and short stop), R. S. Kuhl (Captain) and E. Page Southwick (Secretary and catcher).

The Neshanock were apparently not very skilled ballists and often lost to their chief rivals, the Lambertville Logan, by the not-very-competitive scores of 77-25 and 71-47.  Unfortunately, no records of the Neshanock are apparent after August 1867.

Today’s Neshanock were re-established in 2001 by Brad “Brooklyn” Shaw, proudly reviving the original name of the team (but hopefully not imitating their base ball skills).  

2017 was a great year, and 2018 will certainly be most splendiferous!

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Love baseball?  Love history?

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